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The Ripple Effect Of Toxicity


Peeling Back The Layers...



The center of the bull’s eye represents the digestive system, where the body receives the vast majority of nutrients (or non-nutrients in many cases). When nutrition and digestion are good, the body receives nutrients and you will benefit. However, if diet and lifestyle choices are poor, the opportunity for toxicity increases.

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The next layer or ring represents toxicity. A toxin can be created internally or received externally and can be anything that interferes with the healthy workings of your cells. In a healthy scenario, the body’s detoxifying organs are doing their job to keep up with and eliminate toxins in a timely manner. But if our food choices, digestive ability or lifestyle habits are poor, the level of toxicity rises. This, coupled with all of the environmental toxins we encounter daily, is often too much for the body to handle and toxicity builds up, affecting your health.

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When the body cannot keep up with eliminating toxins, and the “congestion” persists over time, the third layer is created. This is inflammation, also known as cellular damage. I believe, and it has been found by many researchers, that chronic inflammation is a common denominator in many degenerative diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

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When toxicity and cellular damage persist at a greater rate than does nutrition and elimination, then the final layer or outer ring is what we see as a disease or condition. This is when the body is receiving too many non-nutritive substances, it cannot eliminate them fast enough, toxicity builds, cells are damaged and the body becomes sick. 



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